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The Evolving Challenge

We are increasingly disturbed by a growing effort to dismiss facts, ignore science, and reverse national policies and international agreements developed to protect people and the planet. The good news is Americans and our nonprofit sector is incredibly resilient.  The recent election is not the last word, it is just the opening round of a civic battle that has to be fought and won.  As a moral organization and as citizens, we must not stand idly by as the interests, policies, and values that shape our individual identities and our national character are under siege. Environmental and social justice nonprofits work everyday to raise awareness and conduct programs that protect our environment and promote social justice. With Your Help Earth Protect Can Make a Greater Difference by Expanding Our Outreach and Media Support for Nonprofit Groups helping them gain mission support, volunteers, fund raising and involve people in their programs. 

From the beginning in 2010, has self-funded outreach to help more than 60 NGO's by providing free support for them on our web site, helping them post blogs and link videos and working with them on special events and fund raising. The demand and need for our involvement has expanded greatly as coalitions form and increase their programming such as People's Climate March,, Union of Concerned Scientists, National Legal Defense Fund and many more reach out for help to enroll and engage people in speaking out and acting to:

  • defend the extreme cuts in environmental funding,
  • rollback of essential protections of open space, wildlife, air, water, land and endanger all life on earth.

 Earth Protect is focused on climate change, air, water and natural resources and related causes of social justice, national/global security, energy, and the economy.

Your donation will be dedicated to enrolling and enlisting nonprofits, assisting them to increase their visibility and support. 

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