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May 1, 2017

Donations To Earth Protect's "Outreach Support to Environmental Nonprofits"

With Your Help Earth Protect Can Expand Our Outreach and Media Support for Nonprofit Groups helping them gain increased visibility leading to greater mission impact, volunteers, funding and involvement of people in their programs.

Earth Protect's NGO partners pay nothing for their listings on our site, hosting of videos and blog articles and formation of groups nor are there any fees for creation of their fund raising campaigns on All of Earth Protect’s NGO partners are nonprofit environmental, sustainable development and social justice charities. They have supplied us information confirming they have filed and been accepted by the appropriate government body in their country as a nonprofit.

Your gift to Earth Protect will be dedicated to an outreach program benefitting more than 60 nonprofits. Donations to Earth Protect are not tax deductible. However, when you make a donation through our site, be sure to save and/or print the confirmation e-mail you receive for your personal records. Of course, you will want to consult your own tax or financial consultant regarding personal financial matters. You will also want to do your own due diligence in making donation decisions.

Disclaimer: The nonprofit organizations that Earth Protect serves have been identified as environmental and sustainable development nonprofits that are organized and operating in compliance with the laws of their country. They provided the information to us about their missions and programs and tax status as IRS 501c3 or the equivalent for the country in which they are organized. For United States based nonprofits, you may find helpful information on how to evaluate nonprofits in general and on the nonprofit you are interested in at and through the Better Business Bureau


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Help Many Environmental Nonprofits with One Gift

Goal $25,000.00
Donated amount $40.00

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